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Roofing issues cause major distress – We give honest same-day bids, quick & reliable high-quality work, and a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. Roofing problems can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle of finding a reputable roofer, getting an estimate, and then waiting around for the work to be completed. That’s why our team of roofing experts is here to help. We’ll even go to bat with your insurance company!

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The Best Roofing Service in Utah

We’re thrilled to announce that Ascho Roofing Experts are now serving Utah! We give honest same-day bids, quick & reliable high-quality work, and a guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

You could have a new roof in 4 easy steps

The Equipter 4000

We make the work cleaner, and faster with a reduced risk of property damage. How do we do this? We have the Equipter 4000. This is a self propelled roofing trailer that can get supplies and debris on or off the roof quicker and with less mess. This is just one of the was we work to be the best choice in the roofing.

1. Request A Free Bid

We respond quickly to bid requests and use aerial mapping in advance to provide an accurate, free bid for you the same day as your inspection.

3. Honest, Same-Day Bid

We won’t waste your time going back and forth for two weeks. Get an accurate, honest bid the same day as your inspection that will not change. Our pricing is consistent; we use the same pricing system with every client so you can trust you are getting a fair deal.

2. Aerial Mapping for Accuracy

We come prepared. Aerial mapping allows us to examine the top of your roof ahead of time so you can get the most accurate bid on the same day of your inspection.

4. Schedule your Roof Repair or Replacement

We show up, we are fast, and we clean up our mess leaving you with a guaranteed roof. If you need a roof replacement within 2 years we will deduct what you paid for the repair!

Roofing is what we do, and because of that, we bring the best roofing skills in the country. This is our passion.

Get A Free Bid

Your roof is the largest asset of your house. It’s not something you want to experiment with a DIY project or hire an inexperienced person to work on. And you don’t want to delay a repair to avoid the hassle or a big expense because it will only end up costing you more later.

A timely, professional repair with us is simpler and more affordable than you might think, and so worth it! We believe you deserve a reliable contractor you can trust with a vast experience. Once requested, we respond quickly to give you an accurate, same-day bid that will not change, using a pricing system that is consistent for all of our customers. Never worry about filing claims; we will deal with your insurance company for you. We show up, get the job done right, and leave your home clean with a guaranteed repair. Never worry about your roof again!


We will do the job right and we won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.