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By: Greg & Susan Foulger on AshCo Roofing Experts

Our roof was damaged the first part of June this year in 2020 from a bad hail storm. Mike stopped by our house and offered to help us fix our roof and gutters. We were super impressed with his knowledge of everything we needed fixed and his price was super great! Every time we texted or called him he was right on it!!! Our roof and gutters are beautiful and we are super happy! I have referred everyone I know to him and all of my friends in our area have been super happy as well! I would recommend you give Mike and his Ashco business a try!!!!! Greg & Susan Foulger ?

By: Kendra Thurgood on AshCo Roofing Experts

Mike was awesome! He told me they were busy and he was about 2 weeks out in scheduling, which was fine with me. I figured they were swamped from the storm.. His crew was here in about 5 days before I expected them and had the whole roof done in 3 days! Awesome company!

By: Therisa Harrington on AshCo Roofing Experts

I am very pleased with Ashco Roofing. The crew came to work, and cleaned up the area before they leaving. Now, each time I look at my new roof, a smile and a sense of peace comes over me. When the winds blow, I feel happy that I will not be chasing shingles. I had received several estimates, and ultimately chose Ashco Roofing. They were not the least or most expensive, but I had a good feeling when spoke with Mike, that this was the company for my roof. I recommend them to others.

By: Edwin Bell on AshCo Roofing Experts

Very thorough, extremely reasonable price. Worked with our insurance company and took care of everything. Owner was very polite and respectful during the process.

By: Wade Weston on AshCo Roofing Experts

I had a leaking roof and Ashco came out and did what they do best and was able to get my roof replaced in a very professional and timely manner. I am very happy and I will definitely recommend them to anyone else that needs roof repairs and or a roof replacement. Thank you to Mike and his team for all of the great work that you did, not so much on waking me up so early when your guys started putting shingles down ?

By: Jenni Christensen on AshCo Roofing Experts

I couldn’t be happier with the work ASHCO did. They were well prepared And finished the work in one day. They also did a fabulous job of cleaning up!

By: James Wright on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco Roofing is a great company! Easy to work with, fair and they did a great job replacing the roof. From getting the bid to a finished job took less then a week and we paid just what we were quoted.

By: Andrea Dixon on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco roofing was able to install my roof in 1 day. The workers were clean and worked non stop in the hot August sun. Mike and Tracy were always very prompt to any questions I had. And was great with my budget. Would recommend to everyone.

By: Matt Van Dam on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco was quick to get out and provide us a quote and provided the lowest bid amongst 3 companies. They were able to come out install within days and the speed and quality of installation was excellent. We are so pleased with our new roof!

By: David Shepard on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco was very Quick and professional. Had roof done in one day and all cleaned up. Easy to work with.

By: Brock Perry on AshCo Roofing Experts

They got me a quote very quickly, it was very clear and easy to understand. Job was performed very quickly, is installed very well in both looks and product. Inwould definitely recommend to a friend.

By: Rebecca Lee on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco replaced my leaking roof on my old 1900 house and detached garage !!! Took out both chimney’s and covered them up, They took off my original shake shingles from 1900, green roofing and interlocking shingles, so all that weight is gone, over my head… They were very helpful and professional and did an excellent job !!!

By: Keith Christensen on AshCo Roofing Experts

My honest review, they deserve 5 stars for their high quality work, their reasonable prices beating the competition after getting more than a half dozen quotes and their taking my inquiries seriously after contacting the company. I did have some issues contacting them to fix something that the sales guy verbally promised me before I signed the contract. So it took over a month for them to actually come fix it, but once I called the owner of the company, he took my calls seriously and made sure it got done even if I did have to call a couple more times. I won’t hold it against them too much, I am familiar with the realities of the operations of a small business with tight margins. I would definitely do business with them again.

By: Steven Pierce on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco did a complete reroofing of my home. They showed up on time and had the majority of the work done in one day. They added more roof vents to meet current code requirements. I’m very pleased with the results. I recommend Ashco to anyone in need of reroofing.

By: Michelle Howe on AshCo Roofing Experts

They did a great job on the shingles and the gutters look great! I really appreciated the way they got the roof done in one day, and all the gutters done in one day as well. I did not like how not one single person on the crew could speak English and at one point they were all goofing around on my lawn and falling into my flower boxes smashing my flowers and cutting their wood on my lawn with a circular saw, which was getting wood dust all over my lawn and cutting up my lawn, and i couldn’t even ask them to please stop, because when i tried not even one of them could speak English. That was very frustrating, especially when I’m trying to sell that home, so i was trying to keep the yard looking really nice. . I understand them having some fun on their lunch but when they were breaking my flowers i wasn’t too happy! Ijust think if they are going to work with the public, they should be required to learn our language so they can communicate with the customer! The roof looks great! They did an awesome job!!! I found a lot of roof tacks everywhere on my lawn and one got clear in my shoe, thank goodness it didn’t go into my foot, but that would have been horrible if my dog would have stepped on one because they are very very sharp! So maybe going around the yard afterwords with a strong magnet maybe so that doesn’t happen to someone else! Also after gutters were done i kept finding these super long nails on the lawn and driveway right in plain site, so not really feeling like they tried very hard to even clean up after doing gutters. But i was impressed at how great they cleaned up after doing the shingles, other than the sharp tacks. However, i think the very most important part is how good the roof and gutters were done and i think they deserve more than 5 stars on their quality. So fix those few little issues, and i think you’d be the best roofing company ever!!! Great job guys, thanks!

By: Paul Raad on AshCo Roofing Experts

I called this company they assessed the job the same day and did the job the day after. You cannot ask for better service and punctuality for situations that need attention immediately. I will definitely use Ashco Construction CO in the future for all their construction services

By: Linda Potvien on AshCo Roofing Experts

I would definitely recommend Ashco Roofing for anybody’s roofing needs! They not only installed my home roof in one day, they added new features to make it look clean and professional! Believe it or not, I did not find any remnants of nails or old siding in my yard! 7 roofers worked together and finished the job in 7.5 hrs! Reasonably priced too!

By: Jim Woodhead on AshCo Roofing Experts

Very satisfied with the experience we had with this company. Mike would not even consider settling financials until we were completely satisfied with the full, completed job. This was a blessing as we had a limited budget and I was nervous about running into hidden costs. I need not have worried – everything was finished as agreed to and at the agreed price. Any small workmanship issues were addressed to our satisfaction and the finished quality of the work is outstanding. Thanks Mike, George, and all of the Ashco team!

By: Greg Baptist on AshCo Roofing Experts

After.a recent hail storm i had some substantial roof, shingle damage. i contact Mike with Ashco roofing for a bid to repair the roof. Mike was very helpful not only on explaining the amount of damage but helping me to navigate the insurance process. Once approved Ashco’s crew arrived and removed the roofing material down to the wood, installed new ice and water shield on the edges and valleys, and papered the remaining areas. They then complete the installation of the new shingles all with in one day. The crew did a great job keeping my yard and planters free of debris though out the day as well. I was so impressed with Ashco i recommended them to my Father-in-law to handle his roof repairs as well. i highly recommend Mike Ascho Roofing for professional and quality roofing replacement or repair. Greg Baptist Licensed Building Inspector

By: Harrison Smith on AshCo Roofing Experts

Mike and the team at ASHCO did exactly what they said they would do, and more! They were on time, stayed on schedule, and cleaned up after themselves like it was their own home. We have a beautiful metal roof that’ll last a life time and we feel our money was spent on a great product by a great roofing contractor.

By: Eric Flynn on AshCo Roofing Experts

Awesome experience with these guys. During the lumber shortage and chaos of the times these guys did not play around! They were on the roof 2 hours before I leave for work! Within 2 days the work was done!! This all was done during the hottest time of year too. Cannot express how impressive the work ethic was.

By: Eric Farmer on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco Roofing did a great job on my roof! After getting 5 estimates from local roofing companies, Ashco had a competitive price, but their professionalism, transparency, and integrity through the process made the difference for me. I recommend Mike at Ashco and his crew for anyone looking to replace or repair a roof in Utah!

By: Darin Fowers on AshCo Roofing Experts

Mike at Ashco was extremely good to work with me. My project was dependent on another contractor finishing construction, and Ashco was extremely responsive. I experienced multiple delays and hiccups due to lumber shortage, but Ashco showed up the same day that my other project was done to ensure my house was not exposed to the elements. Mike gave me an extremely good price, and his crew did a fantastic and thorough installation. They were done in 2 days! I highly recommend Ashco for any roofing project you might have!!!

By: Pagmadulam Badarchin on AshCo Roofing Experts

Ashco roofing company changed my roof and I am really satisfied the work they have done to my roof. They were really fast at their job and high quality work. I would recommend to everybody

By: Steve Pollmann on AshCo Roofing Experts

This company installed a new roof on my home. They did a wonderful job. They also suggested that I install a solar system concurrent to save some money with the tax incentives and low interest low which has been a great piece of advise. The did a nice job of cleaning the site after the installation. In the past I have been very skeptical of roofing and solar companies but these guys were truly amazing. I highly recommend this company.

By: Lloyd Peterson on AshCo Roofing Experts

Mike is friendly and easy to work with. He came and inspected our roof right away. His estimate was well priced and documented. He coached us through working with our insurance company to get the best results possible. His work crew was fast, thorough and careful with every detail, even cleanup was done with excellence. The quality of materials used will protect my house for a lot of years and the extra water and ice protection is greatly appreciated. Mike also arranged for the removal of our solar panels and reinstallation after the roofing was done. All of this amazing service was complete within days of the insurance company’s approval. I couldn’t be happier with Mike. I highly recommend Ashco Roofing.

By: Jacob Jensen on AshCo Roofing Experts

These guys were awesome. They came and did the job in a couple of days. The workers were friendly and clean. Great guys. I would recommend Ashco for every roofing job. I am extremely satisfied with their work.

By: Brian Hanni on AshCo Roofing Experts

Mike and gang were great. They did great work for less than than all the other quotes that I got. I expected them to be way booked out, but they were there within a day or two, and within another day or two my roof was brand new and leak free. If you need any roof repair call Ashco

By: Kelsy Peterson on AshCo Roofing Experts

I loved working Ashco. Mike was very timely and responsive. His team did a great job. My roof looks great! Will definitely use them again if I need any other roofing needs.

By: Kelley Beecher on AshCo Roofing Experts

We are so glad we chose Ashco Roofing to replace our roof! They were so good to work with. They were quick to respond and did a great job. Thanks for being so professional and having very competitive pricing. We would definitely use them again!!!

By: Veronica Estrada on AshCo Roofing Experts

We had hail and wind damage on our roof and fence and we called Ashco Roofing to come give us a bid. Mike was very fast and thorough on his inspection and sent over pictures and detailed information that I was able to submit to our insurance. The installation and working with the insurance went very fast as well with Mike’s help. We appreciate Ashco Roofing for getting our roof installed so quickly. I have since referred Ashco Roofing to my friends and family. Thanks again.


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