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Museum of Idaho, Idaho Falls, ID

Welcome to the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, Idaho! Our beloved museum is more than just a place to learn about the state’s history; it is a place to explore, engage, and be inspired. We invite you to discover all the fun and beautiful things the Museum of Idaho has to offer. From discovering the natural wonders of the Snake River Valley and the unique history of Idaho to exploring creative hands-on activities, there is something for everyone to explore. The museum boasts three floors and 77,000 square feet of interactive exhibits, educational and engaging activities, and fun events for all ages to enjoy. Guided tours and private rentals can also be arranged, and our team loves to put together custom programs to meet your group’s needs. Learn more here.

The ground floor of the Museum of Idaho has some wonderful exhibits, including the Wildlife Gallery, the You Are Idaho Exhibit, and the special rotating exhibits. The Wildlife Gallery features stunning live animals and an interactive video that teaches visitors information about Idaho wildlife. The You Are Idaho Exhibit is full of interactive displays and activities designed to bring a hearty adrenaline rush. And each month, there is a special rotating exhibit that brings a unique type of life experience to the museum. On the second floor of the museum, you will find the History Gallery, Gallery of Trails, and the Archive Room. The History Gallery will allow you to discover the unique and fascinating history of Idaho from the varied viewpoints of Native Americans and pioneers. The Gallery of Trails exhibit explores the path of Lewis and Clark’s expedition through Idaho and the Archive Room is full of documents, artifacts, and other historical items for visitors to study. Learn more about Eagle Rock Fountain, Idaho Falls, ID.

The third floor of the Museum of Idaho offers four fun-filled interactive exhibits for visitors. The STEM LAB is full of fun hands-on exhibits, robotics demonstrations,s and 3D printing activities that get your creative juices flowing. Questions & Curiosities is a find-it-yourself game where you get to use your curious mind to uncover the museum’s hidden secrets. The Create Zone features artist-led activities like pottery, paper crafts, jewelry making, and more. And the Wild Idaho Experience teaches you about Idaho’s amazing critters, landscapes, and climates. In addition to all the amazing exhibits and activities, the Museum of Idaho also has some amazing outdoor adventures for everyone to explore. The museum sits on 8.2 acres of pristine Snake River Valley land and offers Spanish trail rides, a zip line, and mountain bike trails.

The Museum of Idaho offers something for everyone and is an amazing place to explore. Come explore our fascinating exhibits, enjoy the outdoors, delve into the fun hands-on activities, and discover the unique and beautiful history of Idaho. It is an adventure that will leave you feeling inspired, engaged, and full of life. The Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, ID, is one of the best places to explore and enjoy the beauty of Idaho. This museum offers a little bit of everything from natural history and exploration to outdoor activities, art and science displays, and a wealth of educational resources. Whether you’re a local to the area or just passing through, the Museum of Idaho is sure to enchant and entertain its visitors. The Museum of Idaho showcases the diverse culture, heritage, and history of the region. Their exhibits are designed to tell the stories of Idaho’s people, both past and present. With its incredible collection of cultural artifacts, the Museum of Idaho provides a fascinating look into the past and showcases the contributions of many different Northwest tribes to our state.

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