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Lincoln, Idaho

Lincoln, Idaho may not be the first place people think of when they are considering a vacation destination, but they should. Nestled at the foot of the majestic Clearwater Mountains in the Idaho panhandle, this charming small town has something for everyone. From delicious local cuisine to year-round outdoor recreation, Lincoln offers something for even the most discerning traveler. The town is packed with art galleries, antique shops, historic sites, and plenty of places to explore. For those looking for some fun in the sun, Lincoln offers plenty of activities like fishing, camping, and even skydiving. Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out or a peaceful place to relax, there are plenty of great restaurants and stores to choose from while you visit Lincoln. You can find anything from Italian to Mexican cuisine, burgers and pizza, comfort food, and more. There’s also a unique selection of craft beers and specialty wines to choose from, sure to satisfy the taste buds. Idaho Falls, ID can be seen here. 

If outdoor adventure is more of your thing, Lincoln is packed with opportunities to explore. Nature lovers will find plenty of trails to hike and forests to explore, along with a number of fascinating spots to explore. Take in the stunning mountain views on the Clearwater River, fish your way through the glittering waters of Chatcolet Lake, and so much more. Lincoln also has activities to keep both kids and adults entertained. For those who are trying to beat the heat, take a dip in the Idaho Aquatic Center. They offer a fun and safe environment for the whole family, with plenty of water slides and pools. Another hot spot for sea enthusiasts is the Silverwood Theme Park. Take part in thrilling roller coasters, bumper cars, and all kinds of exciting rides. Click here to read about Iona, Idaho.

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