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Collectors Corner Museum in Idaho Falls, ID

Idaho Falls is home to one of the most unique and interesting museums in the United States – the Collector’s Corner Museum. From its humble beginnings, the museum has grown to include a variety of displays, exhibits, and collections that draw visitors from throughout the region. Information can be found here.

The Collector’s Corner Museum, also known as CCM, is located off Main Street in Idaho Falls. It was originally founded by father and son Richard and Dave Schuh back in the early 1970s. They had a passion for local artifacts, antiques, and curiosities that they decided to turn into a museum that the citizens of Idaho Falls could enjoy. This goal was achieved through the hard work of presenting a wide range of interesting, fun, and educational displays and exhibits. Today, the Collector’s Corner Museum is open to the public and boasts a multitude of exhibits ranging from firearms to fossils, coins to cars. The firearms collection alone is enough to keep any gun enthusiast entertained, as it includes everything from cased sets of flintlock dueling pistols to classic American shotguns. CCM also houses a number of antique firearms and rare military rifles, such as the first M16, used by the United States Marine Corps. The museum also consists of several other collections, such as coins, natural history, and military. In the coins section, visitors will find a complete selection of U.S. coins, both old and new, as well as coins from other countries. See here for information about Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, ID.

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