Roof Location [1005]

572 21st Street
complete roof replacement ( 2200 sq ft )

Tear off , clean up and haul away all roofing debris ( 3 layers )

Install new 7/16 inch decking over the slated decking on the entire roof

Install drip edge on all perimeters

Install ice and water shield on bottom 6 feet and all valleys of entire roof

Install feltex dry in material on the rest of the roof

Install starter strip over all drip edge

Install Malarkey Highlander architectural shingles and hips

Install new metal pipe flashings on all pipes

Install 4 metal turtle back vents

Install new flashing on all needed areas

6 nail each shingle with 1 1/2 nails

Custom paint all pipes and flashings to match shingle color ( color of owners choice )

Seal all vents flashings and pipe jacks with Geo seal caulking

20 year labor warranty

Malarkey lifetime materials warranty