Roof Location [1002]

456 East 21st Street
TPO & mansard(45.6 sq, 31.9 sq mansard) 0:12, 1:12, 60:12
Includes removal of old roof as needed.

Repair or replace any damaged decking

Install iso insulation board over entire roof

Install john mansville 60 mil TPO Membrane Roofing System

Flash all walls with new tpo material as needed

Install custom TPO pipe-jack flashings

Install termination bar on all walls and roof-top units

Seal all corners with non reinforced TPO

Install termination bar on all perimeters

"Jm reinforce our membranes with a polyester fabric and manufacture them using an ultraviolet-resistant thermoplastic polyolefin formulation.

Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM D 6878

Thickness Over Scrim: Optimized and tested on a continual basis with a state-of-the-art thickness gauge to verify that the thickness valued by our customers in incorporated into the sheet.
One of the Widest Melt Windows: Promotes better welds over a wider variety of speeds and temperatures, and leads to a softer, more flexible and workable sheet.
Reinforced Fabric Scrim Layer and Top-Ply Thickness: Lends to durable physical properties including:
Long-term weathering, UV resistance and heat-aging properties
High breaking and tearing strength

Optimized TPO Formulation: Delivers high-performance ozone resistance, cool roof reflectivity and overall weather resistance.

Custom build slopes as needed to ensure proper drainage.

20 year workmanship warranty included
30 year materials warranty included