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ARTitorium on Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID

If you’re looking to have fun while experiencing the culture in Idaho Falls, look no further than ARTitorium on Broadway. This place has something for everyone, whether you’re a kid or an adult or looking to have a day out with your family — ARTitorium has you covered. Since opening in 2019, ARTitorium has become an instant hit with people of all ages. The center provides a space for cultural exploration and artistic expression through interactive activities and hands-on exhibits. Its goal is to educate and inspire by sparking creative imagination in visitors. Upon entering ARTitorium, you’ll be dazzled by its vibrant décor. One of its most eye-catching partnerships is the 18-foot mural painted by the renowned artist Kat Clark. The mural features a rich world of mythical creatures and plants that come alive. It’s guaranteed to be the perfect backdrop for photos. Idaho Falls, ID can be seen here.

You and your kids can explore the Museum of Technology and its various interactive exhibits. This spot is all about learning and trying new things — whether it’s making your own silly inventions or exploring the miniature model of the Falls. The auditorium also has a few creative workshops for kids and adults. From jewelry-making to pottery and painting, there’s something for everyone. Plus, if you want to get creative on your own terms, you can check out their self-guided art kits. When you’re done exploring the inside, you can head outside and enjoy ARTitorium’s beautiful outdoor area. Perfect for picnics or just lounging in the sun, this spot is full of lush greenery and plenty of seating. Your little ones can even have fun in the interactive water park. Click here to read about East Idaho Aquarium, Idaho Falls, ID.

ARTitorium is more than just a place of culture and art — it’s also a place of community. Here you can find regular events and activities, including workshops, movie nights, food festivals, and so much more. Plus, ARTitorium offers scholarships and discounts to those who need them, so everyone can experience the fun and wonder of this great place. Whether you’re looking for some family fun or an opportunity to explore the art of Idaho Falls, ARTitorium on Broadway is the perfect stop. With its vibrant atmosphere, creative classes, and plenty of events, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. So why not pay ARTitorium a visit and get ready to have some fun?

Located just off Broadway and 5th Street, ARTitorium has something for everyone – from interactive exhibits to art classes; there’s something for everyone. ARTitorium is a wonderful place to explore the arts. You can find a variety of hands-on activities, along with locally made crafts and artworks for sale. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or something fun to do with friends, ARTitorium has it all. The interactive exhibits at ARTitorium are a great way to get creative. You can explore a variety of artistic mediums, from drawing and painting to clay and printmaking. You can also join in on a variety of workshop topics, ranging from urban sketching to printmaking to installation art. There’s something for everyone – even adults and kids can create art together.

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